19 Oct

{Webinar} Amenazas actuales en infraestructuras críticas, con Red Eléctrica


¿Sabes a qué amenazas se enfrenta una infraestructura crítica? Los ciberataques siempre están presentes y más aún cuando se trata de una infraestructura crítica. Las amenazas pueden provenir de cualquier parte: desde un miembro de una institución del propio estado o país que busca algún tipo de beneficio estratégico o hasta de un atacante que busca algún rédito económico.

28 Sep

Holiday Ransomware Attacks: How to Improve Retail Cybersecurity


While most of us are sitting down to enjoy a holiday meal around a table with family and friends, threat actors are putting carefully designed holiday ransomware attacks into motion.

14 Sep

The Evolving Threat to Oil & Gas


How the Colonial Pipeline incident marks a new era of vulnerabilities to critical infrastructure It’s no secret that the cyber threat landscape is evolving. Threat actors continue to devise increasingly complex, and previously unencountered methods of infiltration.

1 Sep

4 Real Ways to Prevent, Detect and Defend Against Insider Threat


September is National Insider Threat Awareness Month. An initiative of the US government, the goal is to promote awareness of the issues organizations face as a result of insider threat.

18 Aug

Deception-Powered Threat Intelligence for Oil & Gas {Data Sheet}


The oil and gas sector has seen exponential digital growth over the last two decades. With this evolution of the sector’s digital landscape has come an increasing number of cyber attacks on the vulnerable, newly interconnected systems.

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