Cyber attacks on critical infrastructure and industrial control systems (ICS) are on the rise. In 2022, 605 major ransomware attacks targeting industrial organizations were detected, marking an 87% increase compared to the previous year. What’s also concerning is that 83% of the total analyzed vulnerabilities reside deep within industrial control systems. In fact, Gartner predicts 30% of critical infrastructure organizations will experience a security breach by 2025.

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Red Eléctrica Uses Deception in their ICS Security Strategy 

With those kinds of odds Red Electrica (REE), the national electricity grid in Spain, understood that taking a proactive cyber defense strategy is essential. Red Electrica wanted to detect cyber threats targeting their OT/industrial control systems while collecting intel on the IoCs and TTPs threat actors use to prevent future attacks.


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In this case study, you will see a real life example of how Red Electrica was able to detect OT systems attacks before a breach occurred. Red Electrica, a CounterCraft client, contracted CounterCraft The Edge™ in order to gain visibility on what would happen if a configuration error exposed the access to the Internet via VPN to the substation. 

“CounterCraft is a very important tool for us that helps us prioritize real vulnerabilities, obtaining TTPs, IoCs and metrics we wouldn’t be able to get any other way.”

– Mario Castro, Head of Telecommunications of Red Eléctrica

Download the case study to see how CounterCraft delivered valuable, real-world threat intelligence including TTPs and IoCs to Red Electrica by creating a physical communication rack that mimicked their real electrical substation. Download the case study to find out how CounterCraft The Edge™ proved to be highly impactful for Red Electrica’s security team.