CounterCraft’s founders talk about the company’s threat intel research that is currently being deployed across the internet.

CounterCraft has been running these machines for some time now and has discovered interesting patterns and events among the internet noise. We are profiling the attackers behind these background attacks. Although they may not gain as much attention as APTs or targeted attacks, these constant, unceasing attacks are important to be aware of to prevent drag on resources or potential compromise of a network.

“Once you have this information, you’ll see it’s very likely that one of your servers will be compromised. With this information you can be better protected, and if you see something similar on your network and your organization you will know what is happening.”– David Barroso, CEO and founder of CounterCraft. [Tweet this!]

Watch this video, featuring CounterCraft CSO Dan Brett and CEO David Barroso, to find out how and why we are gathering information on non-targeted threat actors using deception machines placed on the internet.

Read the threat actor classifications here: