When it comes to the latest critical vulnerabilities, time is money and knowledge is power. The fresher the threat intelligence a security team can gather, the better their chances are of defending against a cyber attack. Professionals know this—56% of participants in a survey felt that threat intelligence becomes stale within minutes.

Now, with CounterCraft The Pulse™, you can get fresh attack incident data in real time.

The Pulse™ is a threat intelligence feed of prepared incident data from CounterCraft. The incident data gathered in real-time using cyber deception shows:

  • How attacks are being carried out right now
  • Detail and context on the intelligence
  • Exactly what CounterCraft is seeing in the wild

CounterCraft The Pulse™ empowers security teams by providing fresh attack incident data in real time in a contextualized threat intelligence feed. Generic, out-of-context threat intel feeds can be nice to have, but in a survey from 24 cyber threat intelligence feeds and analyzing data of over 1.3 million indicators, the average delay between an incident and its reporting was reported to be 21 days. That is simply too long to be relevant. With CounterCraft’s deception technology, you get a must have: contextualized, 100% actionable threat intelligence. CounterCraft The Pulse™ brings you a real-time source of Machine Readable Threat Intelligence (MRTI) with an unbeatable signal to noise ratio.

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How it works

Our team of experts goes through a process of creation and deployment of deception farms across the web, designed to tempt attackers looking to exploit the latest vulnerabilities. This is how we generate the valuable threat intel you get from The Pulse.

  • Design
    CounterCraft’s threat intel team designs campaigns based around the latest vulnerabilities, malware, exploits, or new offensive techniques.
  • Deploy
    These campaigns are deployed using CounterCraft’s world-beating deception technology in our own global deception farms, waiting to be compromised.
  • Collect
    Detailed telemetry from the deception farms is collected in the Pulse central system and enriched to create in-depth event data.
  • Curate
    The event data is managed by CounterCraft and used to create comprehensive Incidents that collect the full attack data into a single file.

Accessing this valuable threat intel is simple for users of The Pulse. Just follow these easy steps:

  • Search the Pulse incident database by date, time, or specific interest.
  • Download the data from The Pulse API.
  • Ingest the data directly into your platform of choice.
  • Suggest any new vulnerabilities or malware samples you would like to see in The Pulse.

So what can you expect from CounterCraft The Pulse?

From The Pulse you can expect easy-to-use intel with an unbeatable signal-to-noise ratio.

Users download only the incidents that are of interest to their organization. There are no filters—security professionals get complete intel exactly as it happened. The Pulse is an incredible value for anyone who is interested in receiving up to the minute threat intel on live incidents in real-time—incidents are published within 24 hours.


  • Identify exploits before they affect your organization
  • Get the details and the context you need to make security decisions
  • Prioritize risk mitigation
  • Download the complete attacker playbook
  • Know exactly how threat actors would exploit your vulnerabilities

Key Features

  • Incident tags that allow classifying by CVEs, tech stacks, and more
  • Unlimited API queries
  • Continuous monitoring
  • Real-time threat intel
  • RESTful API that offers incident data in a standardized JSON format
  • Events have a built-in human readable summary

Find out why The Pulse is a better threat intel feed by downloading the data sheet today >

To find out more about our technology and why it’s so effective, please have a look at our resource center for more information.