This June, we will participate in Infosecurity Europe 2017, the largest information security conference in the region, which will be held at the Olympia, in London (6-8 June).

If you are interested in CounterCraft’s Distributed Deception Platform, and want to know how it can help your company detect targeted attacks, Infosecurity Europe will be an excellent opportunity for a meeting. Visit our stand G123, where our team will offer a demo of CounterCraft’s Distributed Deception Platform.

Gathering high-quality intelligence on attackers with CounterCraft

Large companies, institutions and governments are being compromised every day, which shows that traditional security technologies, such as firewalls, are insufficient in keeping an organization secure from cyber attacks. Attackers are still able to detect exposed areas and steal information from their victims. Thus, a complementary approach to traditional and next-gen solutions becomes crucial to establish a holistic cybersecurity strategy and make companies effectively secure. In this scenario, companies appreciate the value of deception technologies, which turn a passive IT security stance into an active defence. Luring the attackers with baits, instead of ineffectively trying to keep them out of the system, is one of the best security strategies that organizations can currently adopt. As a matter of fact, by 2018, according to Gartner, 10% of enterprises will use deception solutions.

CounterCraft’s Distributed Deception Platform is not only a solution, but also an innovative approach. It plants decoys through a wide variety of technical and non-technical assets, such as false servers and fake data, to lure adversaries. This allows companies to reach two objectives: make the attackers waste time and quit in frustration, and gather intelligence about them, their origin and motivations, which will be useful afterwards to take the necessary countermeasures that will improve the security level in an organization. CounterCraft’s Distributed Deception platform offers a 95% cost reduction when compared to manual deception techniques. Another important benefit is that it provides zero false positives, due to its digital breadcrumbs, crafted to appeal to adversaries but not to legitimate users. And unlike other defence systems, CounterCraft does not flood users with immense amounts of irrelevant data —they only receive valuable and high-quality information.

Come visit us at stand G123 and ask for a demo

Deception technologies will be among the many solutions that will be showcased this year to almost 14,000 attendees at Infosecurity Europe.

We are looking for partners interested in our cutting-edge technology. Meet with us at our stand G123!

And if you want to learn more about CounterCraft’s Deception Platform, ask our security crafters for a demo!