Solar Winds is the cyber event of the decade. We are still learning more and more about this epic attack, from what the wide-ranging effects are to how it happened in the first place.

In this Founder Chat, our CEO, David Barroso, talks to our CSO, Dan Brett, about the movements of the Solar Winds attackers and how to prepare and defend against this type of attack.

The attackers were really advanced, moving stealthily, and doing everything right. They were finally discovered when a security process related to adding devices to two factor authentication alerted teams to their presence. A deception tool like the CounterCraft Cyber Deception Platform, however, would have greatly increase the chances of discovering the presence of these attackers much sooner.

Deception’s goal is to force attackers to make mistakes. Deception plays on their human nature, mixing social engineering with technology to coerce them into taking a false step. It can be deployed on external networks, forcing attackers to reveal themselves before they even penetrate an internal network.

We try to have two different paths—the easy path or the hard path. Attackers tend to take the easy path, and it will guide them to a deception scenario.“-David Barroso, CEO and Founder of CounterCraft[Tweet this!]

Watch the full video to see Dan and David give their take on Solar Winds and speak about how active defense could have prevented this attack.