Here at CounterCraft we are excited to offer our first-ever public beta program.

Ransomware is one of the most common threats facing organizations globally across all sectors, and incidents of ransomware attacks continue to rise. Threat actors, meanwhile, are only becoming more and more sophisticated with their attack methods.

Here at CounterCraft, we have created a deception product that addresses the problem of ransomware, and we are currently offering the chance to deploy this cutting-edge ransomware defense campaign at no cost to your organization. Our Ransomware Cloud Public Beta Program is now open for applications for a limited time and to a limited number of participants.

Your organization now has the chance to build on the success of the Alpha phase of CounterCraft’s ransomware cloud deception campaign. We are excited to announce we will be selecting 10 organizations to run a beta version of our sophisticated ransomware cyber deception campaign. Your company will test drive this three-month beta campaign at no risk and no cost if selected to participate. There are only 10 places available, so sign up by June 23 to be considered.

How It Works

Our Ransomware Cloud deception-as-a-service campaign defends against ransomware by doing the following:

  • Deploying deception buffer zones with zero workload and effort to your threat intel team
  • Collecting threat intelligence in real-time to bring you focused and actionable intel about how ransomware threat actors are trying to compromise your organization
  • Detecting when ransomware threat actors are conducting reconnaissance externally and/or moving laterally internally in real time
  • Proactively protecting so you can investigate Incidents rapidly and reconfigure enterprise systems in time to stop ransomware attacks

We’ve created a cyber deception campaign that is designed to detect even sophisticated ransomware attacks at various points on the kill chain, from reconnaissance to lateral movement.

We are looking for the right type of companies to partner with and take our idea of next generation ransomware protection and response to the next level. This deception-as-a-service campaign is easy to deploy, and our team will work with yours to set up the three-month beta in no time. This is a great opportunity to try a novel security solution at no risk or cost to your organization.

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Apply for the Ransomware Beta

Sign up for the selection process at The deadline to apply is June 23, 2021. CounterCraft will notify the selected businesses using the contact info provided.

Have more questions?

Read our FAQs here. You can also see full details and technical explanations by downloading the pdf.