Profiling adversaries is a common strategy in the world of crime, but it can also apply to cyber criminals. With a good criminal profile, you’re building a card that has the tools, techniques and procedures that an adversary is using. This puts you at the top of the Pyramid of Pain, able to reinforce your security policy and identify attackers as well as mitigate the risk of their TTPs.

Find out what steps you can take to improve your security posture in this video. CounterCraft Product Manager, Rich Barrell, talks about the profile of the average cyber criminal, and how to use knowledge of the adversary to build a cyber deception campaign. Watch the full video above or here.

As we’ve mentioned before, deception is an integral part of a holistic approach to cybersecurity. In this instance, however, deception technology is a fantastic tool for detecting and observing threat actors in order to build out a criminal profile.

Watch Rich Barrell, Product Manager, and Dan Brett, CSO, talk about the importance of profiling cyber criminals and how to find out more about the attacker’s motives and methods here.

Download our guide on profiling adversaries: “Inside the Mind of the Enemy: A Guide to Profiling Cyber Criminals” here.