Over 90% of cyber attacks begin with spear phishing.

This widespread problem is a difficult one to mitigate, because spear phishing doesn’t rely on an easily detected spam campaign. Instead, spear phishing campaigns are highly targeted, meaning that no matter what security may be in place, there is always the possibility that someone, somewhere will click on a link that will result in your corporate network being compromised.

CounterCraft’s deception campaigns have proven effective in deflecting the spear phishing attack into a buffer zone to collect real-time threat intel on attackers. Watch the video to hear what one of our clients has to say about their success with CounterCraft.

With our platform, our clients have had success:

  • Gathering enriched threat intel data in the form of TTPs and IoCs including IP addresses and credentials used by threat actors.
  • Simplifying communication with board and key management about the strategic merit of threat intelligence thanks to the hard evidence we provide.
  • Obtaining actionable threat intelligence specific to their organizations.
  • Enhancing their corporate security strategy.
  • Reassessing their current security control sets based on real adversary behavior.

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