CounterCraft’s founders talk about Indicators of Compromise, or IoCs. Can you trust them? What’s the key to using IoCs?

The problem is, oftentimes, IoCs like IP addresses or domain names are old and out of date. In this video, Dan and David talk about specific examples of when IoCs have returned incorrect intel. They also discuss the Pyramid of Pain, a concept that outlines how to do the most damage against attackers and how to foil their strategies. Watch to find out what the single most important thing is to have in mind when dealing with IoCs.

“We need to try to go up the Pyramid of Pain and talk about TTPs and not IoCs.”– David Barroso, CEO and founder of CounterCraft. [Tweet this!]

Watch this video, featuring CounterCraft CSO Dan Brett and CEO David Barroso, to find out how to use IoCs in your cybersecurity strategy. This Founder Chat was inspired by an in-depth blog by founder and CEO, David Barroso. You can read it here.