In this latest video featuring Dan Brett, the CSO of CounterCraft, and David Barroso, the CEO, they explain the recent Microsoft Exchange exploit by the threat actor group known as Hafnium. Everyone is talking about this recent breach, so check out the video to see our cybersecurity experts’ reaction.

Hafnium is a well-known threat actor that primarily targets organizations in the United States across a number of industry sectors, ranging from infectious disease researchers to defense contractors and everyone in between.

The numbers on how many organizations were affected by the Hafnium attack on Microsoft Exchange servers is still being reported, but it already appears to be inching past a whopping 60,000, with a star-studded list of affected businesses, including the European Banking Authority.

Microsoft appears to have been slow to patch, after being made aware of these vulnerabilities as early as January. And worse, as the breach has been exposed, and businesses are rushing to mitigate the consequences, other threat groups are hopping on to exploit the flaws in the meantime.

The Exchange servers make an attractive target for Hafnium and other threat actors, as they are full of emails, addresses, and standard confidential information.

Find out the attack details and the steps on how to tell if you have been compromised in the attack on Microsoft’s detailed blogpost on the subject.

Watch the video to see our CEO and CSO react to the latest breach, and get their opinion on how it could have been avoided.