Here at CounterCraft, we stand with the people of Ukraine. We are saddened by the egregious breach of international law and the violence that Russia is provoking. An assault on Ukraine’s democracy is an assault on the entire free world. We would like to express our support for the Ukrainian government, but above all for the Ukrainian people, who are showing the rest of the world what bravery and principles are really made of.

As a cybersecurity company, it is our mission to create a safer world. We believe it is important for those of us who can have an impact on the digital front lines to do everything in our power to help. We join the global cyber community in uniting behind the Ukrainian people.

This is also an open offer to help. We invite Ukrainian businesses and people to contact us if there is any way we can be of service.

We support the Ukrainian people, we stand with Ukraine.


David Barroso and the CounterCraft team.