If you are a Managed Security Service Provider wondering what solutions you should include in your portfolio for your clients, then this article is for you. “What is in it for me offering CounterCraft’s cyber deception platform?”, that is what I will try to answer.

Just a warning before we start… Sorry, I am not from marketing, so don’t expect a pretty text. And I am not technical either… I work with super wonderful people that bring all that glamour. So, I guess the only role left for me is the practical business-oriented person that is constantly annoyingly asking “so what?” to get the technical fluff down to earth and, I’m also quite obsessed with timelines and next steps to get things done… And, yes, probably the person that asked me to write this blog post is already regretting it.

So, let’s get down to business. In CounterCraft we realised early on that our core value is in building a robust solution and being a product only company, and that we have to give to our partners three revenue streams; consultancy, integration and managed services. Seriously, what other solution gives you three revenue streams?

About consultancy… Our partners know their clients, they know their cyber security needs and wants (or if they don’t know they are usually in the right place to ask). The first step for deception to be successful are those initial consultancy hours with the client because deception is all about credibility to trick the attacker. But, it doesn’t end in the initial engagement with the client, the threat landscape is constantly evolving, and quarterly reviews are really useful to achieve top results.

And now… Integration! Woo hoo! (How exciting…) In CounterCraft our product manager always says that we are the last ones arriving at the party (as there is already a large number of solution categories), so we have to speak to everybody else. That means, that we have made a huge effort to integrate, from the beginning, and “speak with” the rest of the security tools that your client has or that you may provide. CounterCraft Cyber Deception Platform is cool as stand-alone, but it is way cooler with the rest of the gang. It doesn’t come to replace what you have, but to take your client’s investment in those tools to the next level of performance.

And the last but not least important part of the revenue streams is… (yes, you got it) Managed Services! Uff, is this going to be beeping constantly for nothing? No! This is, actually, one of the beauties of deception (among many others…) the campaigns are designed to reduce to the minimum false positives, so when the alarm rings, call the fireman because something is happening. It is what one of our partners call “bringing the excitement back to the SOC!” (Can you imagine?).

Apart from these three revenue streams, there is something that I find quite important for an MSSP and that is the link to upsell and cross-sell the rest of your portfolio (Really? Do you want me to sell other stuff?). Well, we want you to be successful because what happens when you are in partnership is that we are all in the same boat. How does this happen then? The platform will collect contextualised threat intelligence of what the threat actors are trying to do to your client. That will allow you or your client to qualify and quantify the risk – (I have a colleague that repeats this to exhaustion haha)- to make informed cybersecurity decisions and prioritise what is needed to mitigate risks. You and your client might have the data now to build the case study and get approval for investment in other services or tools (or more deception campaigns ).

I will stop now here because I don’t want this to become the story of my life, but if you think it can be interesting for you, please reach out so we can have an initial chat. If you think it is not cool… OK, let me know too… But only if it is constructive!

All the very best and good business.

Author: Marta Fernández, UK Channel Manager at CounterCraft.