It’s been a long time in the making and we are extremely pleased to announce the launch of the CounterCraft Cyber Deception Platform version 2.0. Until now, our product development team have worked quietly behind the scenes, continuously iterating and innovating to deliver monthly platform releases. However, as we celebrate three years since CounterCraft was established, we think you’ll agree that it’s about time we shared more about what we’re up to.

Streamlined for simplicity

The release of CounterCraft version 2.0 is the product of significant investment in user experience and user interface (UX and UI) in response to market demand for simplicity. Ease of use is essential in a world driven by digital transformation, and threat analysts are no exception when it comes to expecting convenience and efficiency from the systems they work with daily. Our goal is to deliver targeted, actionable and accurate intelligence that organizations can use in the most efficient way possible — and this release demonstrates our focus on this goal more than ever.

The benefits are fourfold. Customer feedback drove us to conduct detailed analysis of our previous workflow. We’ve streamlined the campaign design, deployment and management phases to enable users to find what they need faster. The notifications centre has also undergone an overhaul to support this requirement for simplicity. This is fundamental in facilitating better use of budget; enhanced threat hunting and SOC team efficiency + automated personalized intelligence and analysis = more threats identified earlier in the attack lifecycle + reduction in overall security spend.

Additional processes that have been streamlined:

  • third party system integration; seamless integration with desktop EDRs, orchestration platforms, and network and firewall systems
  • device management; new functionality designed to simplify user experience includes a significant reduction in notifications
  • multi-tenancy; this is brand new functionality that allows platform users to be assigned permissions on an individual campaign or client basis

MITRE ATT&CK mapping

Threat hunting teams using CounterCraft will benefit from vastly improved attack-monitoring capabilities, including powerful event filtering and new threat intelligence analysis. This, combined with integration of the MITRE ATT&CK Matrix™, allows users to identify and tag malicious activity against known IoCs and TTPs (Tactics, Techniques and Procedures) and displays visualisation of the tagged activity within the ATT&CK framework.

This advanced product feature is backed by continuous support from the CounterCraft Intelligence Team, in the form of regular updates to the threat behaviour database.


Credibility is key

In the case of deception, an enhanced user experience is equally as important for those who we’re attempting to deceive as it is for platform end-users. Credibility is key in the deception environment, and one of our key differentiating factors is that our deception campaigns do not emulate the real thing. CounterCraft operates in the cloud and the systems used to create controlled, synthetic environments are actually the real deal. This release includes more options at the deception design phase. Combined with an enhanced UI, CounterCraft deception counterintelligence becomes even more credible in the eyes of the adversary, yet dramatically easier for organizations to use and understand.

Richard Barrell, Product Manager at CounterCraft says: “It’s with a great sense of accomplishment that we celebrate three years since establishing CounterCraft with the release of version 2.0 of the Cyber Deception Platform. Laser-focus has been applied to this phase of solution development to deliver a superior user experience that makes the management and analysis of deception campaigns easier. The most effective deception technology immerses the attacker in a credible and complex environment in order to deliver increased clarity for the user, and that’s what we’ve achieved with CounterCraft 2.0.”

Now that you’ve had a quick look under the hood of the new product release, take the next step and contact us for a demo. See why CounterCraft is the right enterprise-class deception platform for protecting your organization.