Nicole Carignan, Head of Customer Success at CounterCraft, spoke at AUSA CyberWorld 2022 about deception technology in the cyber domain. In this presentation, Carignan gives an inside look at the unique technology behind CounterCraft’s deception platform and explains how your organization can gather adversary-generated threat intelligence.

This fascinating talk shows how a fully instrumented deception environment can effectively trick the most sophisticated threat actors into revealing their hand. AUSA CyberWorld is the preeminent new event from the Association of the United States Army that brings together top thinkers and practitioners in all things cyber, from cybersecurity to cyberwarfare. Arranged as a fast-paced series of presentations, CyberWorld fosters conversation, debate, discussion and constructive brainstorming on the top issues of the day, from counter-terrorism and fighting ransomware to the future role of the warfighter in a cyber-centric world.

Nicole’s expertise is in big data threat intelligence analysis and security product architecture. She is an expert at designing techniques and methodologies to capture, parse, fuse and display large volumes of data, identify anomalous patterns, and investigate suspicious network activity. Nicole believes that deception is not just about defense, and that it’s one of the best tools out there for threat intel gathering.

Watch this video to see the technology in action in real-world scenarios and a step-by-step analysis of an attack involving threat actors attempting to attack Ukrainian government infrastructure that happened in one of our deception environments.

See Nicole’s talk here.

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