Imagine being able to design state-of-the-art deception campaigns that deflect attacks and gather contextualized threat intel in minutes, simply by dragging and dropping elements into place. With CounterCraft’s Version 3 release of The Platform™, organizations can do just that, making deception deployment more intuitive, user-centric and powerful than ever before.

V3 is an enormous step forward in campaign and adversary behavior modeling with tangible benefits:

  •  Powerful ease of use / Faster and more intuitive deployment of deception campaigns
  •  More efficient / Reduced threat analysis effort and time to mitigation
  •  More effective / Unparalleled deception realism that improves campaign results

CounterCraft The Platform v3 revolutionizes the way security teams deploy and analyze deception campaigns, thanks to more than 170 new features focused on our customers’ needs and designed to actively defend their organization’s cybersecurity posture.

Some of the new features include:

  •  Attack trees / A revolutionary new tool to implement sophisticated active defense
  •  Increased automation / Automated event filtering and built-in analysis
  •  Never-before-seen-performance / Massive enhancements thanks to 170 new features

With CounterCraft’s new attack trees, security teams can sketch and design deception campaigns by dragging and dropping hosts, services and breadcrumbs, then deploy in a single click.

Download our technical memo to find out what this new release means for your cybersecurity team and your organization’s security posture > > >

Introducing … Attack Trees, making powerful deployment simple and intuitive

The Platform v3 includes the addition of attack trees, which make use of the tool easy and intuitive. Attack trees mean that viewing all campaigns and activities is simple in a single pane of glass. The new interface is fully backwards compatible with existing installations.

What you get with attack trees:

  •  Fully interactive drag & drop design for new deception hosts, services and breadcrumbs, the building blocks of deception campaigns
  •  One-click activation
  •  Intuitive menu-driven configuration that removes complexity
  •  At-a-glance views of the deception attack path, components and operational status
  •  Easy drill down on adversary activity by event, host, service or breadcrumb with one-click access to a pre-filtered Data Explorer detailed view
  •  Easy access to the Data Explorer, notifications, other deception campaigns and all the other configuration menus in one place

Dramatically enhancing usability and credibility with 170 new features

In addition to the revolutionary attack trees, The Platform v3 comes with massive under-the-hood improvements in performance and upgrades in user experience.

Unparalleled levels of credibility / Create custom fake users, each with a full pattern of life, with our new Active Behavior personas. These personas operate in your deception platform, with realistic behavior and unparalleled hands-on keyboard simulation.

Automated risk mitigation prioritization / Identify the gaps in your existing security controls and those needed to combat real, observed adversary activity with our new full NIST 800-53 matrix integration, which features one-click visualization of security controls.

Upgraded user experience / Based on customer feedback, we’ve incorporated over 170 new features into this new version. Improvements including code refactoring, database upgrades, and more mean better deployment management and analysis.

For more information on version 3, download the technical memo here.

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Gorka Ariznabarreta is a Product Marketing Manager at CounterCraft. You can find him on LinkedIn.