Everybody is doing it—threat hunting, that is. 88% of CISOs and IT Managers believe that threat hunting is rapidly becoming essential and are including it as part of their cybersecurity strategy. Many organizations have realized, traditional defense mechanisms just aren’t enough and need to shift their security defense approach towards a more proactive defense. As Security Magazine puts it, “Being proactive creates a future-proof security strategy.”

Threat hunting is key to taking back the advantage. But how do you power them up and make them as effective as possible? Cyber deception and threat hunting are a natural fit. No technology is better than cyber deception at gathering threat intelligence specific to your attack surface, allowing teams to engage and deflect adversaries earlier on the cyber kill chain.

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When deployed, deception greatly increases the difficulty adversaries have in carrying out their tasks, thanks to the highly credible deception environments that divert them from the production ecosystem. Engage adversaries and control their movements not only in the middle and end of the attack sequence defined by the MITRE ATT&CK framework—but also in the pre-attack activities that begin attack sequences.

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