Protecting the retail industry.

A solution trusted by the world’s top retailers.

CounterCraft cyber deception provides retail security defenders with detailed visibility across a vast infrastructure to improve their cyber response, decisions, and investments.

What we do

CounterCraft’s expertise in the area of supply chain manufacturing allows you to cut down supply chain risk with both OT and IT deception-driven threat intel.

Detect internal threat actors.
Mitigating the risk of undetected insider threats that could leak data to competitors.

Protect e-commerce.
Set up deception environments to gather information on what unauthorized access looks like in your e-commerce platform.

POS system security.
Secure the back end and the data that comes in through POS systems.


Protecting the Retail Industry with Active Defense 

How it works

The only reliable way to defend against adaptive threat actors is to study their TTPs directly–obviously no simple feat. But CounterCraft’s distributed threat intelligence platform makes it possible, enabling the collection of actionable threat intel from threat actors themselves, thanks to sophisticated cyber deception.

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Protecting the Retail Industry with Active Defense 


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Keep your supply chain secure.
A huge side of retail security is the supply chain. Deception can be used to create decoy back doors and cut down supply chain risk by generating threat intel.

Customer Story

In this video, we speak to one of our clients in the retail industry who successfully used CounterCraft The Platform™ to catch insider threats that no other security tool was capable of identifying.

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