2020 was a wild ride, but 2021 looks like more of the same. David’s list of top cyber threats for 2021 was published recently, and in this week’s Founder Chat, CounterCraft founders Dan Brett and David Barroso sit down to talk more in depth about the predictions.

The threats promise to be a continuation of 2020’s issues, many of them COVID-19 related. Threat actors are targeting those made vulnerable by the pandemic, from the legacy systems of health care businesses to population segments vulnerable to social engineering.

Only one thing is for certain: stakes are up, and threat actors are more motivated (and prepared) than ever.

“I think we should assume that breaches are going to happen. That’s assumption #1. It doesn’t matter if you are a big, small or medium company.”- David Barroso, CEO and founder of CounterCraft.[Tweet this!]

Watch the video to see why ransomware is only on the rise, the real reason remote working is an issue, and what concrete vulnerabilities the health sector is dealing with. David and Dan discuss how active defense can play a key role in a world where there is an incredible dependence on technology.

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Watch the full video to get an inside look at CounterCraft’s thoughts on the current state of cybersecurity.