Today, we’re proud to share that CounterCraft’s Cyber Deception Platform and expert threat intelligence services are now available on iGov’s GSA Schedule and GSA Advantage.

The GSA Schedule is a large government-wide contract that serves as a marketplace for federal agencies and state and local governments to purchase products and services. This means that anyone in the government can now utilize our market-leading deception software by simply going online and purchasing through the shopping cart.

CounterCraft’s distributed deception threat intelligence platform allows cybersecurity operators to design, deploy, monitor and maintain deception campaigns to gather real-time, actionable threat intelligence specific to your mission, and avert adversaries. CounterCraft’s deception technology addresses some of the hardest use cases in cybersecurity such as detecting insider threats, proactive threat huntingactive attacker engagement.

U.S. cyber operators are increasingly turning to cyber deception as a countermeasure to the rising wave of novel and complex cyber attacks. Since 2016, CounterCraft has emerged as their definitive solution across the DoD and other U.S. federal agencies, trouncing near competitors whose capabilities attempt to imitate but lack the substance of our platform. As a DoD-selected top performer, our accession to iGov’s GSA schedule further affirms our vision and serves as an endorsement of our experienced federal team. We’re looking forward to expanding our partnerships even further in the federal government.

iGov is one of the leading federal system integrators with an innovative and prestigious partner ecosystem. iGov and CounterCraft both share the passion of defending cyberspace through innovation and leading technology.

CounterCraft’s U.S. business unit and federal practice is headed by Chief Growth Officer Amyn Gilani, former NSA operator and Air Force veteran. Our growing U.S. support team has had roles at NSA, CIA, FBI, DHS, Air Force and more, bringing decades of cumulative federal experience to the table.

Our GSA contract number is 47QFWA22P0004. Alternatively, our products and services are also available on the following contracts: NASA SEWP, NIH CIO-CS, and DHS FirstSource II. Please reach out to [email protected] and [email protected] for inquiries.

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