Every 11 seconds, ransomware attacks a business, network, organization or person1 . In the United States alone, attacks have nearly doubled in 2020.

This problem is on everyone’s mind, as is the question of how to prevent ransomware. Attack trends in ransomware are constantly evolving. While financial institutions have always been a favorite target, threat actors are increasingly going after educational institutions and the healthcare sector. The techniques and practices used are widening, and the ransomware itself is less noisy and smarter than ever.

“Before, we were talking about a few days from the initial compromise to the total encryption of the information.
Now we are talking about less than five hours.”- David Barroso, CEO and founder of CounterCraft. [Tweet this!]

The two founders of CounterCraft, Dan Brett (CPO) and David Barroso (CEO), sat down for a chat about ransomware—what you can do to protect your business and why deception-powered threat intelligence is your best tool against increasing ransomware attacks. Watch the video above and find out why ransomware is on the increase, what you can do about it, and how to protect your organization from ransomware.

Do any of these pain points sound familiar? These are what we hear time and time again from our clients:

  • It’s difficult to find a ransomware attack—they use the same tools any administrator would use.
  • TTD is often too long, giving ransomware actors all the time they need to find and encrypt data.
  • Many anti-ransomware options offer so many false positives, they render themselves virtually useless.
  • Platforms often take weeks or months to deploy, losing valuable time and increasing risk.

After we heard the same problems repeatedly from our clients, we decided to create a total managed service for ransomware prevention. Our clients sign up, our team does everything, and they are protected from ransomware in a matter of days.

Learn how CounterCraft’s Ransomware Threat Intelligence Service can help you mitigate the threat of ransomware to your business by detecting the initial stages of targeted ransomware attacks.

Watch the video above and subscribe to our YouTube channel for more information on the latest in deception technology and how to keep your organization’s information secure.

Interested in more of our Deception As a Service product line? We’ve got solutions for spear phishingpre breach, and VPN security issues, too. Find out more about our Threat Intelligence Services here.

1 https://cybersecurityventures.com/global-ransomware-damage-costs-predicted-to-reach-20-billion-usd-by-2021/