8 Jul

Cyber Deception as a Service: Multitenancy and MSSPs


One of the most useful operating features of Countercraft’s Cyber Deception Platform is the capability to provide multitenant capabilities out of the box. According to Gartner, multitenancy is “a reference to the mode of operation of software where multiple independent instances of one or multiple applications operate in a shared environment”.

17 Jun

A Look at Ransomware Cloud Alpha Testing


What if solving the ransomware problem was as simple as trying out a different tactic? Endpoint security, paying ransoms, and getting governments involved are all temporary, stop-gap measures that have little if any effect on your organization’s likelihood of being ransomed.

15 Jun

Why We’re Running a Ransomware Beta | Founder Chat


CounterCraft’s founders talk about the company’s new beta program designed to defend against ransomware. The aim of the CounterCraft ransomware campaign is to discover threats early and use the intelligence uncovered to stop ransomware from being deployed.

14 Jun

The Technology Behind Our Cyber Threat Deception


Here at CounterCraft, we know we have the best active defense technology on the planet. Our Cyber Deception Platform is the most advanced in the world, which is why we have clients ranging from NATO to the US Department of Defense.

10 Jun

How to Sign Up for CounterCraft’s Ransomware Cloud Public Beta Program


Try a cutting-edge ransomware deception campaign before anyone else. CounterCraft’s Ransomware Cloud Public Beta Program is open to businesses across the globe that are looking for a way to defend themselves against the growing threat of ransomware.

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