2022 was a year of many twists and turns, both on the global stage and within CounterCraft. First and foremost, we’ve intentionally grown the depth and breadth of talent and experience within the company, including forming a six-person executive team. We also onboarded 40 new employees this year—a huge amount of growth in a company that was already 32 strong.

Importantly, we are proud of the positive impact our platform has had on our clients’ security posture around the world. This year, we caught several nation-state actors red-handed in their attempts to disrupt and destruct government websites. We stopped attacks on critical infrastructure like electrical substations and banking networks. Multiple red teams have been detected by our sophisticated active defense capabilities. Overall, our tooling has detected thousands of external attacks and hundreds of malicious insiders.

As we predicted at the beginning of 2022, ransomware is still the most prolific security threat, and working hand-in-hand with law enforcement agencies, we continue to do groundbreaking work to prevent cyberattacks and investigate incidents. A monumental step forward for us was the sole source contract we were awarded by the US government. This validates our unique technology, proving the value it has fighting society’s most important cyber threats and, along with the 2023 National Defense Authorization Act, shows that active defense and defend forward has a place in the worldwide marketplace.

This year, CounterCraft has participated in additional validating industry activities. We were one of a handful of tech startups selected to take part in the first worldwide AWS Defense Accelerator. We also participated in the first MITRE evals in the deception technology category. Taken alongside our participation in the very first GCHQ cohort a few years back, this positions us on the frontline of protecting the most critical assets in the national defense sector.

2022 found us spread across the globe at flagship cybersecurity events on every continent. CounterCraft doesn’t just show up—we sponsored dozens of industry events across the US, Europe and Australia, giving lectures and sharing our experiences with other thought leaders.

We have also started work in new territories, including the Middle East and Asia. Sophisticated detection and response is seeing a huge boost of demand across the globe, in sectors from financial services to retail to industrial technology, just as we position ourselves internationally with the capability of responding across all these areas of the world.

Looking toward the future, we will continue our team’s work day in and day out to improve the detection and collection of threat intel. We are building product capacity to make massive deployments in cloud environments, which will make deployments incredibly cost effective and simple for enterprise security teams. CounterCraft Version 3 launches soon, with the exciting new addition of attack trees, an intuitive, all-in-one visual tool for campaign design, deployment, monitoring and analysis. Our hand-in-hand efforts with partners and clients on development that makes a difference will continue, as will our business side development of the new CounterCraft Federal, a fully U.S. branch of the company that will work to solve the highest-level national security concerns.

Thank you to the clients, partners and investors that trust our vision, and to our hardworking team that carries it out on every level. Thanks to this elite team of experts, we were able to release new features to adapt to our customers, boost the signal-to-noise ratio of our detections, and launch our unique threat intel feed, The Pulse.

We look forward to connecting with cybersecurity professionals at additional companies who are ready to take their cyber detection and response capabilities to a more sophisticated level. If that is you, please don’t hesitate to connect with us to find out more.

Here’s to an exciting 2023,

The CounterCraft Executive Team

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