We are pleased to announce CounterCraft’s expansion into the Middle East and a new partnership with value added distributor (VAD) CyberKnight. The timing is right, as cyber deception technology adoption continues to gain traction worldwide. In fact, Fortune Business Insights projects the market for deception will reach $3.88 billion by 2028.

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We are already working with several CISOs at leading companies in the region and receiving feedback that the results and business value created by The Platform™ is exactly what they are looking for. Having CyberKnight as our Middle East VAD allows us to boost our footprint in the Middle East while strengthening cybersecurity postures across more enterprise and government organizations around the world.”

–David Barroso, CEO and Co-Founder.

Recently, we announced the v3 release of The Platform, our proactive cybersecurity defense platform that goes beyond detection and response, allowing for faster remediation and a vastly reduced chance of business disruption.

The latest update includes 170 new features to make cyber deception deployment faster, more intuitive and powerful, increasing cybersecurity teams’ efficiency and improving analysis capabilities. This comes at a time when Gartner recommends that technical professionals focused on security evaluate deception as a “low-friction” method to detect threats inside their environments and as an alternative or complement to other detection and response technologies.

Attackers are demonstrating they can easily evade traditional defenses, which is why we chose to partner with CounterCraft. They provide organizations with the ability to detect threat activity earlier than traditional methods and integrate The Platform into existing workflows, tools, and processes. CounterCraft also offers customers contextualized threat intel and attack incident data in real time.” 

–Wael Jaber, Chief Strategy Officer at CyberKnight.

For more information about our expansion into the Middle East, our new partnership with CyberKnight or to learn more about The Platform, please contact us.

Download the press release here >

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