CounterCraft has signed with ECCA Group, a Deception Services provider covering the MENA region. CounterCraft will spearhead ECCA’s new Adversarial Engineering Unit, the first unit in the Middle East and North Africa designed to study adversary behavior using deception. CounterCraft’s premier product The Platform™ detects threats early, collects personalized, actionable intelligence, and enables organizations to defend their valuable data in real time, making them the perfect partner for ECCA. It also fully integrates with MITRE ATT&CK® and fits seamlessly into existing detection and response security strategies.

“We are excited to work with the first unit in the Middle East and North Africa to focus on studying adversaries’ behaviors,” said David Barroso, CEO and Co-Founder. “This is where CounterCraft excels, and having ECCA Group as a partner in Egypt and beyond allows us to continue building out our footprint and strengthening more cybersecurity postures in the region.”

CounterCraft was recently ranked #35 on Fast Company’s list of The World’s Most Innovative Companies of 2023 and holds a roster of Fortune 2000 and government customers. The deception technology market continues to explode worldwide. In fact, Fortune Business Insights projects it will reach $3.88 billion in 2028 at a CAGR of 14.4%, in part thanks to increasing cyber crime and the need for innovative solutions.

“Our region has a unique cyberspace that attracts many adversaries,” said Amgad Magdy, Regional Adversarial Engineering Unit Manager at ECCA Group. “Profiling adversaries and studying adversaries’ behaviors are the most effective solutions to improve cyber resilience, draw information paths and locate security controls effectively. That’s why we decided to be the first service provider for CounterCraft in the MENA region.”

ECCA’s unique approach (Deception As A Service) serves many sectors through four main services; Deception Integration Services (DIS), Independent Deception Services (IDS), Independent Deception Training (IDT), and Managed Deception Service (MDS).

ECCA has a fully-equipped Cyber Deception Lab that gives regional customers the chance to build Cyber Deception programmes from scratch. This is part of an effort to transition the region from a passive defense approach to cybersecurity to an active defense approach. CounterCraft provides active adversary engagement through The Platform, enhancing cyber intelligence programs through actionable intelligence feeds.

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About CounterCraft

CounterCraft is a software company that goes beyond detection and response to provide proactive cybersecurity solutions and detect attacks faster for the world’s leading organizations. Their premier product, CounterCraft The Platform™, consistently stops red teams, spear phishing, ransomware attacks and insider threats. This distributed deception platform is a global leader in active defense, with tooling that provides real-time intelligence and the capability to manipulate adversary behavior. Their technology stops attackers in pre-breach recon phases, integrates contextualized threat intel with incident response workflows, and saves money and time by helping security teams prioritize their actions. CounterCraft The Platform is used successfully around the globe by Fortune 500 companies and government organizations, including the US Department of Defense. 

About ECCA Group

ECCA was founded more than three years ago by Egyptian engineers and now has over 60 employees and a presence in several countries. ECCA was founded in 2019 as an organization dedicated to providing turnkey technical solutions for the telecom sector and Industrial Control Systems (ICS). ECCA aims to offer a variety of solutions and services that meet customer needs and improve total performance regardless of size in Egypt, Africa & the GCC. ECCA professionals, a certified pre-sales team, a certified PM team, a post sales team, trained expert technicians, and expert sales team all have the capability to build, design, consult, deliver, and implement even simple and complex integrated projects.

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