26 Nov

Deception Tops List of Technologies in 2021 IDG Security Priorities Study


From ransomware to malware affecting critical infrastructure, cyber attacks are more mainstream and more damaging than ever. Keeping up with all the attack vectors and evolving threats gets more challenging by the day.

18 Nov

NIST Documents Highlight Deception Technology


Today information security (infosec) and cybersecurity are quickly becoming a top priority for organizations. As it should—there are an estimated 200 Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) groups globally, with new ones popping up every day.

10 Nov

10 Ways Your Business Can Benefit from Deception


In 2021, deception solutions have grown from a nice-to-have option to a must-have for threat analysis teams, especially at verticals that are constantly targeted and hit by advanced persistent attacks.

9 Nov

Improving OT Security {Data Sheet}


Cyber attacks on critical infrastructure and physical systems are on the rise. From the Colonial pipeline attack to the Florida water plant hack, the threat has become so imminent that the Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency has released several warnings, including the October 2021 “Ongoing Cyber Threats to U.

7 Sep

Shellcode Detection Using Real-Time Kernel Monitoring


The tools used to load code into memory have changed a lot recently. I have seen this evolution in shellcode, manually mapped images and other types of code execution methods.

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