CounterCraft has been listed as one of 10 European defense tech startups to watch by Sifted, a Financial Times-backed media brand for the European startup community. The article shines the spotlight on our tech, which leading governments and organizations use worldwide to detect and disrupt advanced cyber threats faster than ever before.

Recent events, including the war in Ukraine, is prompting European governments to improve their cybersecurity defense capabilities, and European VCs are now looking more than ever to back defense tech. According to the article in Sifted, it is increasingly important for investors that startups have a civilian use case in addition to military.

With some 98 cities producing at least one tech unicorn so far, Europe has created a decentralized Silicon Valley. The article outlines top picks by European investors for up-and-coming defense startups from the continent. From metaverse defense simulations and hyperspectral imaging to robot tanks — here are the 10 companies they chose.

Spanish CounterCraft, founded in 2015, has developed an innovative security solution that uses deception techniques and tools to detect, study and manipulate threats using controlled, highly credible synthetic environments. The company was recently approved for a $26m umbrella contract framework from the US government to support its advanced cyber operations. Countercraft has raised $9.7m in total.”

Sifted says of CounterCraft.

With an established track record of national security deployments our cyber threat detection platform allows national defense and security organizations to detect, investigate and disrupt advanced cyber threats on internal and external facing networks faster than ever before. Our newly released The Platform v3 empowers security teams to design state-of-the-art deception campaigns that deflect attacks and gather contextual threat intel in minutes, simply by dragging and dropping. With our new attack trees, all campaigns and activities can be viewed in a single pane of glass. This and other features offer sophisticated users strategic benefits:

  •  Powerful ease of use / Faster and more intuitive deployment of deception campaigns
  •  More efficiency / Reduced threat analysis effort with real-time attack visualization
  •  More effective / Unparalleled deception realism that improves campaign results

Learn about the 170 new features in our latest technical memo.

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