27 Jan

Depicting Risk and Quantifying Mitigation with MITRE Shield


MITRE Shield is a classified matrix of Active Defence Techniques (as we’ve mentioned before). The Shield matrix gives a simple framework to define and measure the coverage of your security programme when it comes to dealing with different attacker techniques.

22 Dec

Swiss Army Confirms 2021 is the Year for Deception


Cybersecurity continues to be a major concern for nation states, with an ever-increasing urgency thanks to recently discovered attacks. From the Solar Winds hack (a “historic mess”) that infiltrated the U.

24 Nov

Your Cybersecurity Roadmap Toward a More Secure Organization with Active Defense


Frameworks do not need to sit in the Security Operations Centre (SOC) or be buried away as part of a workflow process. These frameworks can be a powerful visual tool in the hands of the CISO and allow them to paint a vivid picture of not only where the current security posture is for their organisation but also where it needs to be.

29 Sep

Cyber Deception Should Be Part of Your Threat Detection Strategy


Last week, CounterCraft attended the Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit. This year, the event was virtual, and it was a very insightful experience that helped us connect with the challenges and needs of the end client as well as listen to the analyst recommendations.

14 Sep

Why Every CISO Needs to Track Insider Threats More Proactively


When it comes to looking at how to deal effectively with insider risk, not many security leaders will be thinking of deploying cyber deception to deal effectively with this problem.

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