26 Nov

Deception deconstructed: how CounterCraft 2.0 works


We recently released the latest evolution of the CounterCraft Cyber Deception Platform. Our robust and powerful tool for the design, deployment and management of enterprise cyber deception now benefits from an enhanced user-interface, optimized workflow and an automated behaviour analysis engine technology that will revolutionize the role of today’s Threat Hunter.

7 Sep

How to Fight Threats in the Modern Age


Most security professionals will tell you how dynamic today’s threat landscape is, and that it is constantly evolving. Everyday, new information circulates. Some of it is highly accurate, and of course some is more speculative.

17 Aug

What can Deception do to Defend Across the Attack Lifecycle?


Although many principles of deception have been applied in military and intelligence domains for many years it has only been applied within the enterprise space for the past few years as technology and understanding has grown to provide cyber defenders with a new capability.

20 Jul

How Deception Technology Helps CISOs Meet the Challenges of Cyber security


The concept of deception and how it can be used to strengthen defenses and identify internal and external threat actors is relatively new. In this article, we will demonstrate how CISOs and their security teams can use it to significantly increase their ability to identify and deflect potential attackers.

1 Jun

Cyber Deception 101 –   a primer on the subject


For the majority of people, Cyber Deception is a new topic, and is probably not one that you would think of finding out about in most job roles.

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