3 Apr

Threat Intelligence: Do You Have All You Need? Do You Need All You Have?


We’re going through difficult times, in which a pandemic is hitting the world incredibly hard. Although it’s not the highest concern at the moment, we must consider the economic consequences this outbreak will bring, and its effects on the cybersecurity sector.

17 Dec

Inside the mind of the enemy – understanding leads to prevention


A Cyber Criminal profile is essential in order to learn how attackers think, what motivates them and how they work. Hackers or cyber criminals are intelligent, highly skilled and usually very resourceful, making it difficult but not impossible to catch or anticipate them.

29 Apr

Practical application of MITRE ATT&CK™ in threat hunting


The MITRE ATT&CK™ knowledge base framework is not only an excellent resource, it also provides the global cybersecurity community with a common language for explaining incidents and understanding how attackers operate.

29 Mar

Tool Up Your Threat Hunting Team with Deception Technology


Deception is a natural fit with threat hunting and threat intelligence gathering: it allows teams to engage with adversaries earlier in the attack sequence that has been defined by the MITRE ATT&CK framework.

6 Mar

CounterCraft presents fully MITRE integrated platform that tools up threat hunting teams at RSA Conference SF


It’s the third year running at USA RSA Conference for CounterCraft, and this year we’re proud to be representing the UK Government’s Department of International Trade as GCHQ alumni, as the business continues to expand its presence in the UK and global market.

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