David Barroso, the CEO of CounterCraft, was interviewed by Antena 3 to talk about insider threats and nation-state cybersecurity. Watch the clip to see David provide an expert view on the latest US data exfiltration news in a compelling interview, highlighting both the challenges and the importance of protecting against insider threats

Antena 3 is Spain’s most-watched television channel. The feature on Antena 3 shows our team’s expertise in the field of cybersecurity and is a recognition of the company’s success and commitment to staying one step ahead of the evolving threat landscape.

As David points out, insider threats pose a significant risk to organizations, and detecting them is notoriously challenging. It is often difficult to differentiate between normal behavior and malicious intent, especially when the insider has legitimate access to sensitive data. As a result, insider threats can go undetected for months, even years, and cause significant harm to an organization.

CounterCraft has a proven track record of protecting nation-states and the world’s largest organizations against insider threats. By leveraging deception technology, CounterCraft creates decoy environments that mimic real systems and lure attackers away from their intended targets. This approach allows organizations to detect and respond to insider threats and cyber attacks quickly and effectively.

An insider threat solution that works.

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