16 Dec

Celebrating Five Years of CounterCraft


This year, CounterCraft celebrates its 5th birthday. In honor of the milestone, our CSO Dan Brett looks back at the most exciting moments so far on the CounterCraft journey.

2 Dec

CounterCraft Helps NATO Ready for Cyber Threats


You’re a nation-state threat actor trying to break into a NATO network.You get in, but what you don’t know is that you are being observed, and your every step is being manipulated by deception technology.

13 Oct

Why Every CISO Needs to Track Insider Threats More Proactively, Part II


Welcome to the second part of our blog post focusing on insider threats that can be overlooked by many CISOs. But, first of all, let us have a quick recap on the main points that we raised in part one of the blog post.

24 Aug

Cyber Deception, Tailor-Made Defense Based on Your Insight


It’s pretty common to think about security as a whole, to think about it as a uniform process where all the information needs to be safeguarded.

28 Jul

Detect Threats Earlier with CounterCraft’s Threat Intelligence Services


Stop cyber threats in their tracks and protect your remote workforce with the all new CounterCraft’s Threat Intelligence Services. These services-as-a-service go live to offer the kind of rapid support organizations are now seeking having been forced to adopt widespread remote working amidst the COVID-19 crisis – simply plug and play this cloud-based managed service to proactively protect the networks your colleagues and operations now rely on.

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